Month: February 2017

February 5, 2017

The Centurion

In Pastor’s sermon, she takes us to Luke 7:1-10.  She paraphrases the story….A leader of soldiers asked Jesus to heal one of his men that worked for him, and Jesus said sure and started to go to the leader’s house, but the leader said, “Oh you don’t have to go to my house. You can just say the words “be healed” and I know he will be.” The leader believed so much in Jesus’ power to heal even without meeting the person.  Jesus was surprised at the man’s faith and was very happy, and of course, He healed the leader’s friend.

When people do things to help others without being told or without being pushed into doing it, Jesus is probably surprised. Are there ways you could surprise Him?

Pastor asks the children to write it down

Write down a way you could help others even if you don’t think you can, or in a way that you’ve never done before, but you know with Jesus’ help you could. Then crumple up the paper and throw it into the crowd behind you. That’ll surprise them too and we’ll read them later.

Even the adults joined in…

In the meantime, you adults have a blank piece of paper in your bulletins. During the sermon, try to think of a way you could surprise Jesus by doing something, that might even surprise yourself. Something Jesus never would expect you to do that would show how much faith you have in Him. Something you’ve never done before or something you know He could help you to do if you put your heart and mind to it. Then crunch the paper up and fire it back at the kids’ pew or into the aisle where they can collect them – and we’ll read them at the end of the sermon. You don’t have to sign them. It’s a faith exercise. How might you demonstrate your faith that would be surprising?

What was written on those crumbled pieces of paper?

  • Help the elderly
  • Go on a mission trip to help others
  • Talk to a stranger about my faith
  • Visit John in the nursing home
  • Buy a van to help with food packaging
  • Pray for other’s healing when they are sick
  • Be on time
  • Tutor someone who needs help, but can’t afford to pay for it
  • Truly forgive someone I feel has wronged me
  • Go to another country to do mission work
  • Take time to visit a sick or lonely person
  • Go to church every week
  • Take a more active role in helping and advocating for the disadvantaged
  • Sing in the choir
  • Stop complaining
  • Bring cookies!
  • Help others

The bottom line….

Jesus continues to surprise people with what He can do and to whom He’s willing to do it. We are taught that to be Jesus-ey and to follow Him truly, is to help and serve with people we know and don’t know. We are to serve people like us and who are different than us– religious-wise, nationality-wise, economically, gender-wise, or age-wise. This is a major takeaway from this lesson. There are no boundaries between people in Jesus’ eyes…. And like our centering song (Give me your eyes) emphasized…we need to see people the way Jesus does – up close and personal!