We Trust Jesus is Savior and Lord

Pastor Chris Dion


Pastor Chris Dion arrived at SHELC in 2012. This church is her second call to a congregation which aspires to intentionally live into its missional purpose in new ways. With a background in psychobiology and experience in congregational transformation, Pr. Chris endeavors to inspire spiritual renewal and passionate discipleship amidst a changing church context.

(860) 989-3507


Becki Greetan

Administrative Assistant

Becki traveled to us from Washington State via Colorado to make New England her new home. Now closer to her grandchildren, she shares her years of church experience with Shepherd of the Hills. Her office hours are Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Office phone: (860)658-0583






Steve Crossett_2016

Steve Crosset

President/ Secretary


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Jim Hoar



Cheryl & Bob King

Cheryl & Bob King

Social Ministry


Directory - Rourke Russ

Russ Rourke

Financial Secretary


Financial Secretary

Russ is our financial secretary - ensuring all monetary gifts are accounted for and safeguarded. If you have any questions about your giving status or how to give, please contact Russ for assistance.


Directory - Rourke Russ


Currently looking for a new social media coordinator. Job is to maintain the website and posts to our Facebook page. If you have material that you would like posted to either the website or Facebook, please contact the webmaster using the webmaster email address. Website content should be directly associated with Shepherd of the Hills Church or the ELCA. Facebook postings can also include local nonprofit announcements or interesting posts.