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January 23, 2017

Every Voice Matters

Starting January 30, everyone will have a chance to participate in an online survey that will help determine strengths, vitality and trends in our church. This anonymous survey will be invaluable in providing information to assist us in making decisions regarding the future of our congregation. Holy Cow! Consulting created the Church Assessment Tool (CAT) and will be working with a member of the New England Synod to help us administer the survey and process and interpret the results.

How is it administered?

Starting January 30 expect to receive an e-mail from with a link to the survey. Simply click on the link to launch the survey. This is your chance to have your voice heard. All answers are strictly anonymous, so feel free to candidly share your perceptions, opinions and experiences.

I don’t use e-mail

If you don’t use e-mail, we will have laptops available after church service to help you launch the survey, so you can share your beliefs. Members of the survey team will be available in the Gathering Space to answer any questions.

June 19, 2016 No comments exist

Congregation Approves New Council 

During the May Semi-Annual Congregational Meeting, three new members were added to the Council – Scott Smith, Dennis Gruell and Steve Crossett. Since Scott’s profession involves a lot of travel (he’s a pilot), an innovative arrangement was presented. If Scott was out of town, EmmaLee (Scott’s very capable wife) would step in to attend the Council meeting. This out-of-the-box thinking was readily accepted by all in attendance.


Council President – Nancy Clark

Council Vice President – Mark Tschiegg

Council Secretary – Susan Gest

Council Treasurer – Barb Tschiegg

Stewardship & Finance Committee – Dennis Gruell

Social Ministry Committee- Steve Crossett

Christian Education Committee – Mark Tschiegg

Worship Committee – Heather Johnson

Personnel Committee – Susan Garrett

Property Committee – Scott & EmmaLee Smith

The congregation would like to thank outgoing council members for their contributions during their time of service: Kat Smith (President) and Kim Gajewski (Secretary).