About Us

Shepherd of the Hills Evangelical Lutheran Church (SHELC) began in May of 1962. Like many churches it can recall glory days when membership, children and resources were at their peak, but as it learned the realities of a post-Christendom era, it prepared itself for a number of paradigm shifts. In recent years it has discerned a stronger calling to Social Justice; shared mission with its surrounding communities and other churches; and a keen awareness of the schedules and needs of young families; cultural differences between older generations and much younger ones; and that the spiritual “but not religious” are seeking spiritual practices beyond traditional means. The congregation is turning outward to live into what it has discerned is the reason God still has Shepherd of the Hills existing – it’s WHY Statement: Spiritually grounded in God’s Word we are responding to Jesus’ call to meet mutual human needs and strive for equal rights and opportunity for all.

In many ways Shepherd of the Hills is reinventing itself as it tries to live into a changing religious landscape, but is open to change and is welcoming of diversity and would welcome you if you too are seeking a different way of “doing” and “being” church.

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Today, members of Shepherd of the Hills can be seen at the State Legislative Building advocating for others

BLM clergy march

Participating in anti-racism efforts

Involving children more deeply in its ministries

food packaging line

Feeding the hungry

Blood drive van

Providing space for other community groups in our building who share our missional concerns – see our partners


Building interfaith relationships